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Kolkata animation - is a sincere attempt on part of a few committed professionals in the field of Animation, game design, game development and Digital Art Media. It is our endeavor to turn out self-driven, top class professionals in this field who derive utmost satisfaction from challenges at work and deadlines. This industry focus sets us apart from others in this field and if, we may say so, is also one of our competitive advantages.
virtualinfocom (VIC), incorporated as digital design institute since 2000. For last several years we have produced more than 5,800+ hardcore skilled designers most of them are working with some of the most renowned animation studios, multimedia houses, e-learning companies, national dailies, game development companies, smartphone application, web design firms etc.

Calcutta Animation Training, India's first online animation training offering fulltime and part time animation courses.

Students Works


Dibakar Mondol
Tech BLA
Sayantan Biswas TATA
saikat saha


Complete Applied Animation Character Designer BG Animator Interior Decoration VFX Little Animator Classical Animation Illustrations Joomla Web Design Shell Scripting Little Champ

Game Art

Game Design PC-Game Development Mobile Applications i-Phone Apps Social Media Game Comics Design Fashion Design Automobile Illustrations Graphic Design Android Apps

Smart Phone

virtualinfocom is a iPhone Application Training Company in kolkata, newyork, nigeria with proven expertise in training useful iPhone applications as well as providing hands-on training to budding iPhonesoftware developers. We have a dedicated team of iPhone trainers who provide intensive and dedicated training on all core and general aspects of iPhone development.

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