Certification in Special Effects and VFX

Certification in Special Effects and VFXInstitute of Animation and Visual Effects is a versatile conglomerate with a focus on providing high end computer graphics, animation and visual effects training services.
The one year of Diploma in VFX program allows students to unleash their creative and technical talent to develop themselves as high-level professionals in the VFX industry. They will gain broad knowledge of the process aesthetically and technically with specialization in one subject, blending the unique attributes of animation and live action filmmaking to learn image manipulation and thus create amazing visual effects that renders credibility to our stories.
After successful completion of the program students will be well prepared to work as Visual effects artist, VFX supervisor, VFX Pre-Visualization Artist, match move artist/supervisor, compositing artist/supervisor at entry and middle level positions.
This course is a mix of lectures, practical, discussions, master classes and workshops by industry professionals. The curriculum is divided in to four semesters 1) introduction level, 2) intermediate level, 3) advanced level (specialization), 4) master classes/diploma project/show reel.
Live action and animation both are equally important for VFX. As all techniques of creating VFX are close to animation process while the output is more for live action so to become a part of this unique industry which has great amalgamation of both sides creative as well as technical, thus the authentic knowledge of subject plays a vital role in this profession. The curriculum for 2 yr. diploma in VFX is designed to engage students in different activities in and around the subject to study and develop strong understanding about core concept of VFX.

  • A basic of art and animation module gives the strength of visualizing and communicate on paper before approaching for the final product. This helps the entire team to work on same page with reference of storyboard or the plan of action to deliver desire product.
  • Live action fundamental and cinematography knowledge gives better clarity and understanding about final output while working on VFX.
  • The main aim of curriculum is to understand core concepts of art and techniques of VFX and not focusing only on software training. this allows students to use the technology instate of relying on.
  • The combination of overall knowledge with specialization gives student a strong sensibility about VFX production pipeline and awareness about his role.
  • Having knowledge of both side filmmaking and VFX gives advantage to work as bridge between film production and VFX production in early stage.
  • Learning VFX in the film school with the filmmaking environment is the opportunity itself.