2D Animation

2D Animation west bengal This course provides students with the advanced knowledge in principles of classical animation. The student will learn concepts such as squash and stretch, timing, path of action, anticipation, action-reaction, weight, volume, and staging. This course will also develop the student's animation design sense, with exercises in character design. The student will also learn technical skills to produce animation, such as how to flip and draw, and how to film animation using Light boxes and using punch sheets. Skills learned will be applied throughout the Digital Animation Program.

  • Lightbox Methods
  • Classical 2D Animation
  • Color Composition
  • Fundamental of PC
  • Know your Pencil
  • Line Tests and using Dope sheets
  • Design Cartoon
  • Create Super Hero
  • Classical Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Digital Art
  • Production and Time Management
  • Object drawings.
  • Gesture Drawings.
  • Anatomy studies
  • Walk through.
  • Follow-throughs and secondary actions.
  • IB and CU. (In-betweens and Cleanups).