Game Art

Game Art Kolkata Game Artists give the gaming experience visual life. Game Art is a skill that demands a combination of creative talent and technology expertise. Our Game Art courses are designed to build on a studentís areas of expertise, whether in painting, sculpture or conceptualization, while enhancing their skills in other areas. Students begin the course as artists; they finish it as Gaming Professionals with a marketable specialization. Students graduating from these courses will be proficient in game art creation for game consoles such as the PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, personal computers, and hand held devices such as the Game boy, PSP and Nintendo DS as well as on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone Game Art and Smart Phone Game Art.
Diploma in Game Art exposes students to various aspects of Game Art development. It consists of modules that are essential for any Game artist. It provides a robust exposure and learning to each student and prepares them to take up further specialization studies.
Students need to successfully complete the Foundation programme to qualify for the Diploma or Professional Diploma in Game Art.
The Foundation programme equips students with game relevant tool knowledge essential for the Diploma and Professional Diploma in Game Art. Traditional Fine art subjects are taught to strengthen fundamental art skills.
The Professional Diploma program takes each student beyond the mere essentials. Further to the core modules, it allows students to specialize in subjects of their interest and strength. Thereby creating a wholesome Game artist, on par with International industry benchmarks.
The Diploma and Professional Diploma in Game art being Industry specific Professional courses require 36 effort hours per week from students.

  • Introduction to Game Art
  • Layout Design
  • Visual Elements
  • Game Art Objects
  • Background Painting
  • 3D Modeling for game
  • Manipulate objects
  • Human Anatomy
  • Develop tiling textures for video games
  • Apply basic three-point lighting techniques
  • Male figure and female figure
  • Develop and apply shaders
  • Concept art for games
  • Body Parts
  • Colors and Capes
  • Character design
  • Internship
  • Game Engine