Stop Motion animation

Stop Motion Animation Stop Motion Animation is the art and craft of taking a series of images and then splicing them together in a series. Think of it as flipping through a picture book.
In this hands-on animation studio class, students get the opportunity to explore a number of animation techniques such as animated puppets, pixilation, painting on glass, sand and cut-out animation. Experimentation will be encouraged in order to develop a personal style. Storytelling, screenplay writing, staging, storyboarding, sound and cinematography as they relate to animation will be discussed in class and students will be introduced to the cultural diversity of animation from different parts of the world. Through group projects, students are encouraged to find their own place in a team, share ideas and bring their own skills in a common experience of filmmaking. During this four-week course, students will explore the fundamentals of stop motion and write, develop, and complete several short films. Course topics can include:

  • Introduction to Stop Motion
  • Modeling
  • Lights
  • Action
  • Expressions
  • Human Anatomy
  • Body in Action
  • The head
  • Male Figure and Female Figure
  • Character Design
  • Lighting and Color balance
  • Animation Modeling
  • Character animation
  • Sound Mix and Visual Effects
  • Film Making